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Proper Temperature for Beer Storage

Keep draught beer cold so it pours easily, profitably and at peak freshness. The number one factor affecting how draught beer pours is temperature. At retail, even a few degrees increase above the ideal maximum of 38 degrees F can create pouring problems, especially excessive foaming. Download PDF

Draught Beer Basics: Four Keys to Excellent Beer Service

Cold beer, dispensed through clean lines, into beer-clean glassware, properly poured by knowledgeable staff is essential to success. Beer tastes best when handled, stored and dispensed correctly, according to these four steps: First, store kegs upright and cold, between 34-38 degrees F at least 24-hours before tapping. Second, dispense draught beer through a perfectly balance. Download PDF

The Facts About Draught System Cleaning

Keep draught beer lines clean to maintain brewery-fresh flavor. The number one factor affecting draught beer quality is poor line hygiene. Retailers must take an active role in making sure their draught beer lines are cleaned properly and regularly. In addition to alcohol and carbon dioxide, finished beer contains proteins, carbohydrates and hundreds of other organic compounds. Yeast and bacteria routinely enter draught systems. Download PDF

Off-Premise Profit Calculator

Profit Story is a profit calculator that allows you to easily calculate Profit Margins, Markups, Suggested Sell Price and Suggested Cost Price information. It also allows you to calculate your break even % and projected volume lift needed. Quickly see the impact of changing one measure on the other values. Download the App

California Alcohol Laws

Please visit this link for information on California Alcohol Laws. Visit Website

Having Draught problems?

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